Thursday, June 28, 2007

Grumpy, Cinderella and Other June Visitors

June has been a busy month on OWR. We were visited by my partents (Connie and Lee) and Cymande's sister and family (Shannon, Tobias, Kira and Lucas).
Shannon and family made their first visit to Lake City and we gave them a taste of Northern Florida culture. Lucas, 17 months old, also tasted some chicken poop. We made trips to Itchetucknee Springs, Ponte Vedra Beach, Poe Springs and of course, Disney World. Kira spent her days picking blackberries, watching Cinderella, swimming, watching Cinderella, beading and watching Cinderella. Lucas spent a good amount of time teetering on the edge of our porch and seeking out more dangerous venues to experiment with. He is developing a real passion for sweeping. Shannon and Tobias seemed to readily adapt to the slow pace of OWR. Disney we all know, Disney World is where Cinderella lives. Below, you will find a picture of what a 3 year-old looks like when Cinderella cruises by atop a parade float. Kira met all the princesses and then became one on her return from Disney World thanks to the faeries of the old oak.

My parents made their annual visit and the customary gorging and entertainment ensued. They stayed down the road at Slow and Easy RV Park in a mobile cabin. Every night upon our return from work they would have dinner waiting for us. Charlie was given the nickname 'hogbelly' by my father and is still trying to work off the calories. They left too soon, but we know they will return. We would like to thank our visitors for their generosity, low-maintenance personalities and happiness they brought to Old Wire Road.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Four Items of Interest

The mobile coop has been roaming where the deer and armadillos play.

The onions have been harvested.

The carport has been destroyed and rebuilt. Here we find it in midconstruction.

The Lion's Mane mushroom has fruited and we agree that it is the lobster of the fungi kingdom.

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