Sunday, April 24, 2011

Five weeks, Nine Guests, Pure Madness

Giles performs his nightly post-bath/pre-pajamas dance

Nana and Papa's campsite

My father took the chalkboard to an entirely new level this year.  Topics included: trash picking, weed whacker repair, fried clams, donuts, a tornado, and our recently acquired 66 Airstream Caravel.

We had a picnic with both Grandparents at Stephen Foster State Park and looked at the antique tractors.  I think it's worth the price of admission just for the 1950's dioramas depicting Stephen Foster songs.  This photo is in front of Lake City's town hall (after a morning walk around the lake).

My father and I picked up the airstream in Daytona Beach and on the way home we stopped at Essex House Famous Fried Clams.  It seems that the owner is actually from Essex, MA.  It tasted just like Woodman's but the clientele was a bit different...

We celebrated my father's birthday with a full house.  The Yorks and our friend Allison spent a  week with us after my parents departed from their month-long stay on Old Wire Road.

For the man who has everything.

Yes, that is Ross in the back of 'Big Ooz'.  It wasn't enough that I brought the Yorks to the ultimate redneck activity in Lake City.  Ross had to enhance the experience by riding in one of the stock cars with his family.  I believe he is pointing at Charles, a gesture that means something like, "In your face/I'm riding in big ooz/what the hell have I done?" 

The Yorks return to the bleachers.  Soon after they left a small portion of the bleachers collapsed.  This seemed to briefly worry the large pink-blanketed wheelchair-bound man sporting a gangster bandana, but he was too busy laughing at me to let it bother him.   

Post-race conversation at the end of the driveway.

Full moon over Old Wire Road.
Sam is a young child expert.  The York boys actually helped us take care of our boys while they were here.  Thanks guys.

My father troubleshoots yet another problem.  The table saw had accumulated a little sawdust over the past year.  He also repaired my weed whacker and mower.

Lula sits with my father as Giles attempts to join them.

Pasture off of Old Wire Road.

Sam tempts Buckley and Lula with bacon.

My parents set off for Ajo after their month of service.

Ross displays his free diving skills as he explores the Ichetucknee head spring.

Giles and Moss attempt their escape from the Burley while the Yorks play some steamy hot badminton.

Lunch at Satchels in Gainesville.

Moss and Giles in camouflage.

Ross fights off a Giant Ground Sloth at the Natural History Museum.
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