Monday, February 05, 2007

San Francisco: January/February

Cymande and I visited San Fran to attend her sister's wedding. We had a week to visit our old favorites (Kubuki, Zazie, Moma, Arizmendi) and create new favorites (the observatory at the DeYoung, Chantal and Noah's apartment, Bette's, the Tape festival, Frog's Leap Winery, Ace).

All of this was made extra-super because of the hospitality and generosity of our friends Chantal, Noah and Katie. We stayed at C+N's studio in North Berkley which was also being shared by several speeding trains; all the conductors compulsively fondling the whistle's trigger.

Kira amazed and delighted us all with her camp counsellor affectations and divaesque performances.

My dear old friend Gio lives 5 minutes away and we all went for a intoxicating and loquacious drive though Napa valley, starting with Amber at Frog's Leap and fading out with a friendly Czech pourer at a winery I have since forgotten the name of.

Shannon and Tobias were married at Stern Grove (a small green gem in the Sunset) and I had the enjoyable task of entertaining Lucas for the day. I taught him about Redwoods and women and free concerts. He seemed interested, but he did nap for about three hours while his parents celebrated their marriage. Cymande's mother was able to attend the wedding and reception and everyone celebrated her attendance.

We spent the last nights on Cole Street with our friend Katie. Her futon is underrated.
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