Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Amazing Cucumber Story

i've been meaning to tell this story for a while. it may or may not actually be amazing, but it's quirky, and i like it, and it's true.
a while back, i was preparing for our friend jenn to visit, so i went grocery shopping. that particular day, i had to take the BIG BLUE VAN instead of the mini for some reason or another. If you're not yet familiar with the BIG BLUE VAN, here it is behind cute, mean Gregg

as you can see, the BIG BLUE VAN is BIG and BLUE. anyway, on my way home, i had to stop short and all of the groceries went sliding and i lost my cucumber. i searched the van for a while, but i could not find the cucumber. gregg searched the van, but he could not find the cucumber. i was bummed. "my kingdom for a cucumber!", i cried.

jenn, wonderful jenn, arrived the next day from Boston.
she stepped off of the plane, reached into her carry on and handed me a cucumber. it was almost as if she had cukes in her carry on all the time. really though, it was from her brother's garden in vermont and she picked and brought it especially for us. it was the most beautiful, most wanted cucumber ever. she had not known that i had been pining for a lost cucumber.

coincidence? i think not! i think the universe knew just what we needed...

so, anyway, now we grow our own cucumbers! here are this year's cukes. how cuke!

oh yeah...we did find an old shriveled up piece of vegetable matter in an apparent vegetable fugitive hideout in the van a few weeks later. it didn't even really rot. it just dehydrated.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Jenny B, Buckley and Pete the Bunny

Recently, our friend Jenn came to visit us. She has been here for visits in Summer, Winter and now, Spring. We visited Poe Springs and swam briefly. Our picnic table was a micro-ecosystem where insects clashed and cheese was sliced with the sharp edge of a cracker. We spent most of our time on Old Wire Road with 27 of our newest (and youngest) friends. The 26 chicks are doing great and appear to have doubled their size in two weeks. Number 27 is our new dog who shall be known henceforth as Buckley. Buckley appeared in our carport at 3AM after an Of Montreal show in Gainesville. We initially called him Pete the Bunny, but after his hillbilly brother showed up two days later we decided that his brethren should bear the name. We dropped Pete at the shelter and kept Buckley. Unfortunately the locals seems to think we are an animal dump. Fortunately, there is a great shelter in town. Spring in Florida is a wonder!

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