Monday, July 27, 2009

Brent Butler, 1967 - 2009

Our Friend Brent recently passed away after a long illness. We met him last year at Chantal and Noah's Wedding, but heard about him for many, many years. He was a kind, creative Vancouverite with an incredibly sharp wit. He told us that during his treatments he would use Old Wire Road as a safe idealized place that he could escape to; A place where the chickens roam free, ripe fruit falls from trees and the warm sun always shines. We were honored by this. We tried to keep OWR free of the clutter that innundates this world. We will miss you Brent. The following is the obituary that he wrote:

September 2, 1967 - March 9, 2009. Brent Butler died driving impressively fast on the forbidden highway of danger, showing a clear disregard for the status quo in an inspiring act of sheer, fearless bravado. He looked thin. Brent is survived by his loving parents, Patrick and Barbara, his younger brother, Bryce as well as his many dear friends. In lieu of flowers please consider a donation to the BC Cancer Foundation, Lymphoma Research.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Our Commute: Lake City to Jasper

Five Points


The Bicycle Association

The Suwannee River

White Springs



Friday, July 10, 2009

Quintilis, 2009


The cumulonimbus cloud is the pinata of the weather world.  If you briskly strike it with broom handle all kinds of exciting things fall out: lightening, thunder, hail, rain, small fruit and candy. Florida is full of this type of extreme weather.  Along with big ominous clouds we get hurricanes, tornadoes, mind-numbing heat and humidity. Also, one in six Floridians are struck by lightening every week during the summer which explains so much...    


We have a few sago palms (Cycas revoluta) growing on our property. They are not really palms and are actually native to Southern Japan. They date back to the Permian when the Earth's continents were all collected into a super continent known as Pangea. Apparently, this was an exciting time just a few thousand years ago. For example, early man was bareback riding dinosaurs at the Third Annual Garden of Eden Rodeo and right before the first rodeo clown evolved a huge flood came and Noah couldn't fit all that biomass on his ark.  I guess he brought some Cycads though.  What a relief!  


This is what happens when you get cheeky with creationism.  


Buckley, as a puppy, walked down our driveway one fine day and we called him...Buckley.  He was named after Chas Tenenbaum's dog, not because he was crushed beneath a car driven by a hallucinating emotionally distraught writer, but because he is brown, black and white.  His name evolution was as follows: Buckley to Brogley, Brogley to Frogly, Frogly to Frog, Frog to Frog Juice, Frog Juice to Juicer.  There is no explanation for this.  


The opportunity to use the Old English origin of polliwog was reason enough for this entry.  Way down yonder on the Swilly River (our grey water pond) is quite an ecosystem.  A variety of invertebrates, fish, frogs and these toad polliwogs (which have since crawled out the water and are hopping around the yard) all inhabit the slowly moving waters.   


I've recently discovered the Danish pastry.  I once was a snob about croissant construction (the dough, the butter block, the long process) but now I'm a convert. Wienerbrød, you are my new friend.


Our solar powered fountain has become a popular bird bath.  The birds position themselves in their favorite well and bathe liberally throughout the day.  Some even position themselves over the fountain pump and get a powerwash.  Vistors today:  Blue Grosbeaks, Cardinals, Ground Doves, Mourning Doves, and Bluebirds.


We found Misho as a kitten at the Salem (MA) animal shelter in 2002.  When we first met him we asked the staff, 'Is he sick?' because he was so lethargic. Well,  he hasn't changed a bit.    
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