Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not Quite Fledglings

Yesterday, I watched cardinals eating these American Beautyberries.  The cardinals were also introducing them to their fledglings.  This brings me to the topic of peanut butter toast.

This little fledgling has been showing interest in my toast.  He is actually totally amused and amazed that I take objects, put them in my mouth, and swallow them.  I explain that he is far too young for toast and when he seems frustrated with that I take him for a walk around the field.  The cool mornings have made walks much easier; no longer do we have sweaty babies stuck to our sweaty chests.

Every morning our field is blanketed in countless dew-covered webs.  I tell the boys that if they want to get their PhD's in one of the life sciences then they need to start thinking about a specific area of study and a thesis.  I've discussed with them the possibility of being twin arachnologists and that I'm convinced that there are undiscovered species of spiders in our backyard.

Tummy time...

We took an early morning trip to Alligator Lake.  Giles and Moss decided it was a perfect time to nap which gave us a much needed return to one of our old routines (taking a walk...oh, the freedom).  They woke occasionally and seemed to enjoy the outing.  We are getting better at this, but on the calendar for next week is the start of our vacation which has been given the title 'fool's errand'.  We shall see... 

Resurrection Fern

Our Live Oaks support a thriving community of Pleopeltis polypodiodies (Resurrection fern) which is an epiphyte.  They are able to lose 95% of their free water during times of drought and are then able to rehydrated during a rainstorm (and resurrect).  Typical plants die after losing only 10% of their free water.  Part of their magic apparently involves proteins called dehydrins that allow the cell walls to fold in a reversible way.  It has been estimated that they could live up to 100 years without water and still rehydrate to their seemingly youthful state.  

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Early September

Cymande and Giles on an early morning walk.  Please note Cymande deftly managing a baby, a stroller and a cup of coffee.  

Mister Moss being plain silly.

One of many boletes that have been popping up lately under the live oaks.

Signs of impending nervous breakdown:  8pm on a Friday decide to pull down your entire home library and arrange it properly by author and category.  Oh, Dewey Decimal System...   

And twenty four hours later it seems there was never a sweaty-toothed father of twins trying to establish a shred of order in a world trying to rapidly unravel itself.  My psychology is too transparent.

Anthony with Moss and Cymande with Giles.
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