Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to Restore Peace to a Stump

One of our batshit conspiracy-theorist neighbors has been forecasting the end of days since the election last year. He posted a sign on an old stump that read 'mpeach' approximately 5 minutes after the inauguration. It annoyed me because we live on a lovely tree-lined dirt road. The stupidity was disturbing my peace of mind. Thankfully, 'mpeach' mysteriously and thankfully disappeared. Peace was restored until...

A new sign appeared on the stump. It was getting under my skin until I made my very own sign. I feel my sign conveys a happier future... one with lots of ice cream.

11/15/09 Super Deluxe Update!
Well, it turns out fantasy man doesn't like ice cream after all!  My sign has been reduced to a pile of angry splinters.  I guess that works as a form of anger management, but honestly, who doesn't like ice cream?  It seems almost un-American.  How about this sign idea:  I don't like ice cream...yum?      

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sam Rivers and the Rivbea Orchestra

It's been over ten years since I last saw Sam Rivers play at the Sapphire Supper Club in Downtown Orlando.  On Saturday night we were lucky enough to attend a performance of his big band, the Rivbea Orchestra, in College Park, Orlando. Thunderstorms threatened and Sam forgot the sheet music, but all problems were resolved and it was an amazing performance. There were a few confused folks expecting a Salsa band and not quite expecting the somewhat avant-garde Sam Rivers sound experiments...oh well, too bad for them.        

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sisters and Satchel's Pizza

Sisters in Haile Plantation

I've decided to review two local restaurants that we've become recent fans of. They are located in two separate socioeconomic universes. Sisters is in Haile Plantation, a semi-phony New Urbanism development west of Gainesville, and while a bit contrived, it remains pleasant, tree-lined, dog-filled and very upper-middle class. Sisters serves a great breakfast. I appreciate any breakfast place that actually cares about their coffee and they do, serving Sweetwater, a fair-trade local roaster. Their ingredients tend to be local and organic and they present a creative and appealing menu. This is no simple task, remember we live in Florida. I guess this is why I like this place so much. It could be on any corner in Ipswich or Beverly or Gloucester. Anyway, the food is great and the service is very pleasant. We've had the Blueberry Blintzes and Mascarpone/Banana Crepes (both very rich with appropriate portion sizes), the Eggs Benedict (tasty roasted red pepper hollandaise) and the French Toast stuffed with ham and gruyere. Sit outside and watch all the college professors walk their dogs. If you go on a Saturday morning shop at the farmer's market and buy samosas for later in the day.

Eggs Benedict with spinach and roasted red pepper hollandaise.

Satchel's Van.

Our recently discovered and favorite pizza place ever, Satchel's, is located on the Eastside of Gainesville (which can be translated into the African-American side of town where there is not one bank. Not one.) The environment is very casual, with a pleasant punk-hippy-smarty pants feel. You can eat in the old ford van. The salad is fantastic with apples, sunflower seeds, almonds and their own dressing. The pizza, oh the good, too good. Again, remember we live in Florida, but I am pretty sure that this is the best pizza I've eaten. Cymande, however, feels that North Beach Pizza in San Francisco, circa 1990 was pretty darn good. Anyway, the service was friendly and helpful and if you visit us we will take you there.

Lightnin' Salvage, a great junk shop behind Satchel's.

Marjorie Kinnan Rawling's Home in Cross Creek.

Buckley surveys Old Wire Road from the porch table.

A toad, born of Swilly River and now off to inhabit the world.

The new F725 mower, sweet.

Lula sleeps outside of the front door.
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