Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring Colors

Pleasant Pastures
We have decided to go with a new color scheme here on Old Wire Road.  We are sticking with classic white but for the trim...pleasant pastures and pleasant it is.  We keep referring to the new color scheme as 'Nantucket,' but let's be honest, it is pure fantasy that we share anything with a remote New England island, except maybe a certain type of dementia that develops after not leaving the same small geographic area for months on end.  Instead of being surrounded by summering investment bankers vying for a table at some time honored French-American breakfast bistro you can spend 4 minutes trying to figure out what the postman is incoherently babbling about (he's angry that you receive the NYtimes.)  

Yes, that is an exam table that I've examined countless patients on...
When you see burly men remove a nearly useless exam table from your clinic and replace it with a decent one you are filled with some happiness.  Then, when you go out to lunch and see it on the side of the road, well, then you need to take a photo because that is just strange.
I'm ready for Spring.
I know it sounds stange to be sick of Winter in Florida, but I am.  I'm tired of cold fronts rolling in and turning 74 degree sunny days into windy 40 degree days.  I'm also tired of the local weatherman saying, 'Alberta Clipper', 'sparking off T-storms', and the general mainstream weatherman concept that rain = bad and sun = good even during a god-damned drought.  I thought that weathermen were supposed to enjoy weather not the lack thereof.

That is some ambitious late Winter moss growing on the shore of Swilly River.

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