Monday, July 25, 2011


The field has been alive with birds this Summer.  We had our usual bluebirds nesting in their boxes. Cardinals, tufted titmice, carolina wrens and chickadees nested around the house and even in my toolbelt.  We had a small covey of bobwhites and  a blue grosbeak family that recently fledged (and are taking daily baths in our fountain.)  

Moss and Giles take their daily fountain bath.

We braved scortching temperatures to feed the retired horses of Alachua.  They have all manner of retired horses: blind, deaf, lame and even ol' crooked face horses. 

Stage one of the airstream restoration project has begun: removal of the diamond plate that the previous owner installed as trim/rock guard.  Installing the diamond plate was much easier than removing it.  I've been cursing his name for weeks now.

We attended the American Dream art show in Gainesville.  Ron Liberti (who was visiting with his friend Robin from Carborro, NC) had work in the show.  Moss and Giles had the best time running around the large concrete floor.
Moss was racing across the floor when he suddenly stopped at a large painting of a gas station with cars fueling up.  He pointed excitedly and kept repeating, "AR, AR, AR!"

Ron's wall of posters.
For our first trip with the airstream we decided upon a short trip to O'leno State Park in nearby High Springs.

Morning walk at O'leno.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

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