Monday, May 18, 2009

The Brain (Ross) from the Planet Arous (Ipswich)

Gregg as Steve
Cymande as Sally
Ross as Gor
Misho as Vol
Buckley as General Frogley
Lula as George the Dog

An alien criminal from Planet Arous, a brain creature named Gor, arrives in the vast cultural desert of Lake City, Florida. Steve and Dan, middle-age and a bit doughy, notice that something is emitting radiation from Poe Springs and decide to investigate, but only after Sally cooks up some delicious cremated burgers. At Poe Springs, Gor possesses Steve and kills Dan. Sadly, Dan will now be unable to play badminton and frequent the fleshpots that he is so fond of. Steve starts experiencing headaches and fits of frisky arousal both generated by Gor’s possession. Sally is both shocked and initially receptive, but decides she doesn’t like Steve’s new personality traits. Back in Steve’s lab Gor reveals himself and confesses that he wants to take over the Earth and that Sally gives him a ‘very strange and very new elation.’

Gor then proceeds to use his vast, destructive powers to bend the world to his will and demonstrates this by making Steve’s eyes cloud over, destroying model planes and playing some nasty bass lines. Meanwhile, Sally discovers Vol, another brain alien, who has arrived on earth to apprehend Gor. Vol possesses George the Dog to ensure easy access to Steve. Over dinner at The Top in Gainesville Steve starts threatening to wipe out the capital city of any nation that defies him. Col. Frogley is initially nonplussed by these threats until Steve gets cloudy-eyed and blows up another plane and ruins the A-bomb experiment that the government is conducting.

The next day they decide to visit the beach in Ponte Vedra. Vol informs Sally that Gor’s only weakness is the Fissure of Rolando and he is only vulnerable during one brief period when he needs to exit Steve to absorb oxygen. To provoke said oxygen-deprived state, they swim in the ocean and lay out in the scorching sun getting thoroughly burned. Over crabcakes, Steve, Sally and Dan’s sunburned ghost pick away at Gor’s exposed fissure with knives and forks. Gor decides that he should return to Arous where his loving family awaits.

The End. 

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