Monday, March 09, 2009

A Sinkhole Mysteriously Appears.

Last month we travelled to Ft.Lauderdale for a conference, but along the way we stopped in Cocoa Beach to visit our friend Soleil. We stayed at the Sea Aire Motel and it was pure Old Florida right down to the wood paneling and the smell of suntan lotion. We sat by the ocean and carefully avoided Soleil's ex-employers while they pretended not to see her. It was a short stay though. We left and continued southward, eventually ending up in South Beach where we met up with our friend Allison, ate overpriced food, and wondered if the crime scene we walked around was real or a film set.

A few weeks later Soleil came for a visit and with her came mystery and geologic events. First, she brought an obsessive interest in manatees. Then, the weather became unstable and like I've said before, "If you don't like the weather in North Florida then you really won't like the stupidity." Anyway, it was warm, then there was heavy thunder and lightening, and then it was freezing. The wind blew, yet my kite would not fly. I tried another kite and it too would not fly. I was becoming nervous about all these supernatural events when I stumbled upon the greatest mystery of the weekend. The sinkhole. During the night it opened up in our field and is approximately two feet across, five feet deep and full of intrigue.

We went for a Sunday drive and came upon Ocean Pond (which in not at all similar to Ocean Lawn in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA, but they almost rhyme.) The Seminole have a folk tale about Ocean Pond being created by a meteor, but that just a story they tell to confuse us. Ocean Pond is actually a 1700+ acre sinkhole that filled with water. I've been considering our sinkhole and I wonder if I should start building a dock now, sort of like Noah's Dock. I'm waiting for the next rainstorm.
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