Friday, June 06, 2008


We took a little trip to Amelia Island via some hereto unknown route through the Oceola Forest. We got lost and nearly run off the road by a small fleet of swamp folk. A one point we watched amazed as a swamp man nearly flipped his swamp mobile into the swamp. Then we braced ourselves as five swamp mobiles swerved willy-nilly across the dirt road and somehow parted to allow our narrow escape. I will write no more about the swamp people and their swampy ways.

Arriving on Amelia Island, we experienced the now requisite wind-blown umbrella crashing down the beach and later soothed our nerves with ice cream.

We also played camp counsellors when our clinic took a trip down the Itchetucknee River. We were able to break away and take a private swim at a spring head.

Much to everyones amusement I decided to repaint the garden tractor and replace the tires. Initially, we attempted to save the tires with a fix-a-flat and injectable foam combination. The result was basically me driving around on flat tires as the drive belt burst into flames. Today, the tractor is shiny red with some sweet new tires. Vrooom!

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