Wednesday, March 28, 2007


The Cuckoo Marans have arrived with one exotic breed that we think is a White Crested Black Polish. The backyard has been transformed into a red light district and we have become 24-hour temperature monitors. The peeps love chasing bugs and scratching around the brooder. They come fully equiped to eat and drink.

At 1 week of age they are already discovering their wings and are experimenting with running attempts at flight. They do not fly. Soon they will be liberated from the brooder to explore a slightly larger corner of the coop. For now they seem to enjoy a nice nap under the heat lamp, followed by a drink and some organic chick starter.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


good bye mom...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Home Restoration

Construction and restoration continue on Old Wire Road. The latest challenge was the removal of 1960's aluminum siding and the replacement of our rotten porch.

Hibernating wasps stumbled around for a few hours.

The porch construction was a semi-frightening experience as we removed all the load-bearing columns and replaced them, but now it stands proudly.

Next, we installed a layer of insulation and hardiplank. This allowed us some quality time in the dry windy Florida air desperately attaching house wrap which turned our house into a Lowe's billboard. This wind also whipped-up a nearby trailer and forest fire which inspired amateur fire chasing.

Next a layer of concrete boards which we positioned with tools that Charlie referred to as "angels." His came complete with a grotesquely scrawled religious figure.

Charlie primed and painted the entire house almost entirely by himself while I screamed encouraging words at him...that went well. Coming up next: the garden and chickens are soon to arrive...

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