Monday, January 23, 2012

Liquidation Via Ebay

Manu Katche Drum Kit
As we continue to simplify and streamline our life we are letting go of things we don't use, don't need or can't bring with us on our new adventure. Some things are easier to let go than others. Easy to go was the drum kit. Though fun, it was neglected and well, I have not the time nor natural ability to be the next Stewart Copeland. Or Keith Moon. Or Clyde Stubblefield. So, off to Minnesota it flew.

Cutmaster Acetylene Torch and Regulators
These were easy to let go of. 15 years ago I spent my days off welding in a Cape Canaveral garage. As strange as that may seem, it pales in comparison to the widespread interest and bids placed upon this torch and regulators. They now reside in Colorado.

Selle Italia Flite Trans Am Saddle
It always seemed masochistic to sit on this seat for more than 2 minutes. I know all the cyclists of the world will resoundingly inform me that I'm not in proper physical condition to accomodate its needs. No. Kidding. I probably will never be in the type of condition that this saddle requires. I've stripped my old bike down to it's parts and each piece is being auctioned off.  This is still active with 13 watchers and 40+ views. 

This holga meets polaroid camera had a pleasant life with me but, I never fully adapted to its finicky needs. The toxic fixative that you need to apply to your developed photos must be the stuff that caught the Cuyahoga River on fire. A woman in San Diego was quite excited by this beast. I wish her luck.

1966 Airstream Caravel
I thought I would be sad to see her go, but the Caravel's departure had the opposite effect on me. After six years of home restoration on OWR and a year of sleep-deprived fatherhood I decided to take on the restoration of a beautiful 66 Airstream. Clearly, I had completely lost my mind. We went on two trips and the Airstream performed wonderfully; I did not. It was supposed to be a way for Cymande, Moss, Giles and myself to go on family trips. It was the perfect size for the four of us. It turns out the two trips we went on were frought with domestic peril and drama. It brought out the stress and insanity of twin parenting. It was the object that most represented my inability to relax, to be present and to enjoy life's simplicity. One recent Sunday it drove away to northern Georgia. It looked beautiful driving down Old Wire Road and into my past. I see a family-sized tent in our future.

Tiffany & Co Elsa Peretti Silver Bean Necklace 
It was a graduation present (grad school) that I purchased for Cymande in Boston. This and the matching earrings set off a bidding war that brought it almost to the price you would pay at Tiffany. There are many other items for sale as we continue to liquidate our possessions. This is in preparation for a move to Gainesville. I know that is big news and I delivered it as the fourth sentence under a picture of a necklace. What will happen to Old Wire Road? That is a perfectly good question that we may answer in the near future. Doors are opening. I have a new job with Pediatric Cardiology at UF. The adventure continues. We'll keep everyone posted. I've been thinking  though: will the blog need a new name?    

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