Friday, December 25, 2009

Another Christmas, Another Linderia columnata

Every Christmas the sweet smell of carrrion wafts across the field and we think, "Ah, something has died and the dogs will be rolling in it soon," but alas it is only the Columned Stinkhorn.  A consistent Christmas visitor for the past four years, they disappear as quickly as they appear.

Handsome cabbage grows in the garden.

Buckley takes a short break from sleeping on the porch.

Mutinus elegans, or the Devil's Dipstick, produces its own olfactory lure that apparently works to attract a variety of insects.  The devil has produced quite a few dipsticks this year, but this was the only yellow one.  

Lula keeps dry during a rainy Christmas morning.

Charles is working on a large wall of sketches for a local show.

Without a powerful enough Sun, the solar fountain rests for the winter.  The fish don't seem to mind.

Nothing says Christmas like Free Donut.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Art Basel, Miami, sort of...

The graffiti park where several large finished and unfinished murals could be viewed.

Random street art being created in the Wynwood district.

Cymande and the Miami Mounted Police watch the graffiti artists work. Notice my careful positioning. You have to think like a cop to allude jaywalking on my rap sheet...yet!

The Shepard Fairey Mural.

A small sculpture park in the Wynwood. Cymande would like one of these in the field of our Ipswich property. We have property in Ipswich?

We could have spent days exploring the galleries and art spaces, unfortunately our time was limited and I had developed a criminal record.
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