Monday, July 19, 2010

Sleepless with Fenn and Chantal

Everyone takes a morning lap around the field.  Chantal and Fenn visited from SanFran and we attempted to keep everyone happy, well-fed, entertained, stimulated, but not overstimulated, at the right temperature with dry diapers.  This equilibrium was sometimes successful and at other times less so.  Fenn seemed to enjoy the entire experience though.  

Giles considers his ability to move his left hand.  It works, and my what a cute hand it is.

Our pool.  Yes, we broke down and erected the backyard insta-pool.  The look on my face while selecting this pool from the variety on display at 'the walmart' was apparently worth the price of said pool.  Between diaper changes, I spend my days skimming it.

Fenn and Chantal.  It appears that I applied some sort of photoshop filter to this shot.   That is actual lens fog.  77 degrees indoors, 98 degrees outside.

Moss taking a bath in the kitchen sink.

 Chantal and Giles.  Giles is wearing his 'safety pants' that Chantal generously lent us.  Nothing says love like sharing diapers.

Giles, Moss, Chantal, Fenn, Nana, Cymande and I went out on a date to The Top in Gainesville.  It sounded ambitious and it was.  Everything went well though.  Fenn played submarine with his ice water. 

One afternoon we decided Fenn should get out and enjoy the local flavor.  We went to the Ichetucknee head spring to people watch.  There was plenty to see, but Fenn seemed as content playing in the tailgate of the rental car.  Fenn confided in me that he too is naturally opposed to the Ichetucknee during the Summer, preferring the serenity of a Winter kayak trip.  Damn that kid is smart. 

Moss and Giles comforted by their Grandmothers.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

The First Three Weeks

Lula and Buckley have accepted their new friends.  If a baby cries they often are the first to arrive.  Here, Moss sleeps under their supervision.

A morning stroll with Giles and Lula.  Some days the twins wake early and demand their needs be met.  Food, diaper change, and sometimes only a long bumpy ride in the field will keep them content.


We are periodically visited by gopher tortoises that wander from the field. 

Faye and Anthony meet their new grandchildren.

Sleep time on the couch.

It's often stated that anyone that heard the Velvet Underground went on to start a band.  Here, Moss and Giles, after hearing my VU cover tune consider never picking up an instrument.  Actually, they seem to enjoy the guitar.

Connie, Lee and Giles hang out by their 1967 Scotty.  My mother has been the designated baby holder for a week straight.  

Papa, Moss and Giles.

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