Thursday, May 10, 2007

Everyone is in Trouble/The Wild Fires

Several rules of Old Wire Road have been broken. Buckley, Lula and the chickens are all in trouble and are being sentenced accordingly. Puppy culture dictates that any free time needs to be filled with entertainment or boredom will deoxygenate the dog brain and mischief will ensue. In Buckley's pursuit of constant stimulation he has eaten the covers off books, carried away and hid various priceless items, pulled the compost bin off the counter at 3AM and while attempting to nest in a blanket, but finding it did not suit his needs he just peed on it. Lovely. Lula is guilty of failing to provide proper canine guidance and at times contributing to his behavior. Oh, and as I write this Buckley has thrown up a massive pile of food and in it lies the corncob that he had stolen. The corncob is in trouble too. Everyone has now been put to bed.

The pullets have been enjoying the great outdoors while the cockerels are awaiting their mobile shelter to be built. I have not built the mobile shelter and because of this I am also in trouble. The chickens are misbehaving by piling in the corner of the coop at night. Manual positioning on a roost seems to remedy the problem. Newest bits of chicken knowledge: (1) when you place a chicken on a roost, it just stays there. it doesn't even seem to wonder how it got there. (2) it's much easier to catch a chicken in the dark. they can't see you coming. You may wonder how we can see them in the dark (and no, it's not our night vision monocle). This shall remain one of the secrets of Old Wire Road...

This past couple of weeks southern Georgia has been on fire and we have been subject to significantly smoky skies. Today was the worst.

These photos were taken during the day, not at sunset. The sun is completely blocked out.
Ash and soot are falling from the sky like a light snow.
We are not in danger, but it is kind of worrisome and makes us think about what would happen to plant life in this region if the sun were blocked out like this for more than a couple of days. We are hoping that the wind shifts, and of course for rain.

We've heard "armageddon" whispered by more than one person, and we can't help but wonder about prehistoric natural disasters (astroids, volcanos, george bush) and various potential fates of our planet (astroids, volcanos, humans).

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