Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Day Before Thanksgiving 2010, One Day Late

Moss and Giles getting all Bass and Drum.
The boys are expressing themselves in new and surprising ways.  Moss is utterly amused by me singing 'doo doo doo, daa daa daa is all I want to say to you' and if I follow it up with  'squeak' then Giles squeaks his approval. 

The calm before Old Wire Road is widened and paved

Since our very first day on Old Wire Road we have been told that it was going to be paved 'next year'.  Next year has finally arrived and with astonishing efficiency they are widening Old Wire with all manner of large and exotic machinery.  To remind us that we live in a place where there are little rules or regulations, loggers driving tractors (that cut down a tree in 3 seconds) quickly took down over a mile of roadside trees with cars speeding by the entire time.  It was a frightening sight to behold. 

Moss is enthusiastic about his bouncy

The final days of Old Wire Road as a narrow dirt road

I've been trying to research the history of Old Wire Road but have found little information thus far.  From the information I collected I have pieced together the following:  The first telegraph line in Florida ended in the now defunct town of O'Leno and it followed old Route 47 which is parallel to Old Wire.  So, I believe that Old Wire Road is the old route of the telegraph line that ran to O'Leno (near High Springs).  There is suprisingly little history regarding this topic (as with many things related to Lake City.)  Over the years people have built their homes with respect to where the dirt road lies, but not with respect to where the actual property lines exist.  Some people are losing their entire front yards and several Live Oaks which were probably 200 years old were taken down for the newly alligned Old Wire Road.   

Giles investigates a pumpkin

One last look at the view North from our driveway.

Moss and Giles inspired us to be more festive.  I carved pumpkins while they watched.
The Great Idiotic Stump is now history, but the stupidity is alive and well. 
More on this topic to come...
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