Tuesday, February 07, 2012

February Burn

We finally conducted a controlled burn of the field. It went well, but unfortunately I couldn't be there to watch the Forestry Service do their work. The large longleaf pine must have burned spectacularly since the bark is blackened nearly to the top.

Moss in the swing. Daddy on the drums.

The live oaks survived the burn nicely with only the lower branches being affected.

Giles wearing his mother's vest in the pre-burned field.

Moss and Giles survey the aftermath from the comfort of their new 'wagon.' Gone are the days of a simple red Radio Flyer wagon. Now, there are about 10 different wagons with several options each. I tried to just buy a metal red wagon, but the marketing experts are pursuasive and the twins have weakened my defenses. Here, Moss and Giles ride in all the luxury that makes the 'Radio Flyer Comfort Wagon' worth every extra dollar. Sort of.

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