Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Kitchen Project Ends. Sanity Returns.




After 4 deeply painful months of a partial or non-functioning kitchen (and four years of hideous 70's cracker-style kitchen design) we are learning how to cook again. Gone are the days of hot plates, toaster ovens and daily take-out. And gone is the nasty old stove that I put on the side of Old Wire Road with the proclamation of "Free!" It was gone by sunrise, but interestingly an old toilet appeared several days later. I'm not sure what this means. Anyway, we are rid of our ugly old kitchen and all the problems it presented. We now have a shiny new Ikea/Cymande/Gregg kitchen. The restoration required rewiring the entire house, refinishing the pine floor and rebuilding the ceiling and walls. During the kitchen project we also refinished our bedroom and made a artsy/crafty/office space out of our back room. It is done! All of it! I mean the entire house! I am about to begin my life of leisure, relaxation and a goodly amount of imbibing as well as mastication. Mastication. Below are some photos of our trip to Anthony and Faye's for a belated Christmas celebration. As always, the food was wonderful and the views gorgeous. Up next on the blog is a visit with my parents who are in transit now from Arizona.

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