Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Rapture Will Be Paved.

 This entry is a bit of a mess.  It contains a little bit of everything for everyone and especially for those of you that enjoy asphalt, a little folk music and the supernatural.  Old Wire Road unpaved.

 Early one morning (well, not really that early, actually more like 15 minutes late for work) in October I was driving down Old Wire Road and I noticed that during the night a small fleet of earth moving equipment was dropped off which could only mean one thing...

 After unknown years Old Wire Road was to be paved.  I have mixed feelings regarding this.  Though driving three miles of dirt road everyday sounds romantic, less romantic is the dust and/or mud covering every surface of every possession.  

 I promised you asphalt and I deliver.  The entire project took about 6 months and during that time I learned about lime rock, dressing and those giant vibrating steamrollers.  I actually never knew that they could vibrate until now.

 My first entry of this blog in 2006 began with a photo similar to this, but unpaved.  Of course, last night we watched our first impromptu drag race that dissipated as quickly as it formed.  The deputy arrived approximately 1 minute after everyone left.    

 Giles contemplates walking at the grandparents house.  He still considers it a novel, though inefficient, way to get around.

Moss reading nonfiction, specifically about the letter B.  

 A sign of the apocalypse? I'm sure everyone noticed that 'the saved' didn't, in their actual physical body, ascend to a partly-cloudy well-lit Heaven on May 21st. There were some disappointed lunatics in Lake City that were circling Florida preaching the word.  I'm looking forward to the Rapture though (rescheduled for October 21st).  Ichetucknee Springs water clarity will be drastically improved and I'm assuming that Florida's bronze-age Gov. Rick Scott will be transported away (because he's against all those fancy ideas that college educated/rational people believe in) along with all his anti-intellectual disciples.
It was our first visit in seven years to the Folk Festival and it was great.  Moss danced and Giles pointed at every guitar and said "AH!".  He loves guitars.

I urge everyone to visit the Stephen Foster State Park if not for the lovely setting, then for the dioramas.  Each diorama (built in the 1950's) depicts a Foster tune.  This is 'Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair.'  The details are amazing and they often have subtle and creepy moving parts.  You can also cringe at the racial stereotypes and Steven Foster's view of the South in the mid 19th century.  

Moss staying cool during an intense session of peek-a-boo.
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