Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Florida Turns Blue

Dear Lora Lee, Anthony, Faye and Jerome,
I cannot help but be in awe of all that you went through for love. The dreams of your generation are fulfilled...

Love Ever,
The Next Generation
ps: We will be prudent stewards of your dreams, as I hope you have seen today.
pps: OWR would like to formally announce that we are rejoining the USA. You may not have actually noticed, but we seceded several years ago. We're back now.

Monday, November 03, 2008

November 3rd, 2008

As we all anticipate a long night tomorrow (or ideally a short decisive night) I would like to update everyone on the status of our kitchen renovation project.  This past weekend I spent hours rolling around in our crawlspace removing old 50's era wiring.  The prior kitchen circuits continued to other locations in the house and everything had to be gutted.  I somehow avoided getting electrocuted by the previous owners handiwork.  (I blame all substandard home repair on this poor old man that bush-hogs the field next to us, he has become symbolic, but hell, it works for me)  We have replaced the walls and ceiling and we are about to sand and refinish the hardwood floor.  The counters and cabinetry are to arrive before long and all the appliances are here.  We still have no window, but a piece of drywall seems to work just fine for now.  Things are moving along a steady pace.

These are photos of downtown Lake City which has experienced years of neglect and poor planning.  For the past 40 years developers have been more interested in plowing oak hammocks and filling wetlands than thinking long term about the future. This has resulted in a characterless sprawling strip mall area west of downtown.  There appears to be no vision and no plan for the future.  It doesn't need to be like this.  I think there is an analogy in here about the election tomorrow. We here on OWR have hope for tomorrow (both the literal and the figurative tomorrows).  We can't wait for your next visit.

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