Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011: Roses and Simulated Snow, Not Stinkhorns.

Moss and our 2/3rd ornamented Christmas Tree.

A few days before Christmas the morning sky turned our field pink.

We started a new family tradition this year: Christmas Eve at Stephen Foster State Park.

The bell tower.  When you heard a Christmas tune via the largest set of tubular bells in America it could only mean one thing...simulated snow.

Simulated snow seemed to be comprised of one part water, one part air and one part dishwashing detergent. This didn't stop countless children from gathering around the faucets while they were covered in a sudsy simulated snow flurry.

The boys were content spending Christmas morning in the bed of their grandparents pick-up truck.

Our chickens are looking plump and healthy.

A new pile of sticks in the field.  This reminds me of the hay bales found in the salt marshes along the North Shore of Massachusetts.  

Moss and Giles at Alligator Lake.

On Christmas morning I went searching for the traditional Christmas Stinkhorn (see previous Christmas posts), but I found none. So this year the Christmas rose will replace the Stinkhorn.

Santa  brought the boys a cardboard box house which arrived in a large cardboard box.

We had our traditional bagels and lox Christmas breakfast. 

Grandpa, Moss and Giles read Ferdinand (their favorite right now).

Candies from Brockton, MA and bread from OWR.

Moss examines a beetle. You can probably hear him say 'Bug!"

Giles exploring the field.

Moss under a live oak. Get it? Moss under a live oak...ok, it wasn't that clever. Merry Christmas to all our friends and family. It was the best ever...

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